A “Net Zero Energy Attainable” house is designed to potentially produce as much electricity as it uses by means of a solar PV system (photo-voltaic panels). The homes are all electric, super insulated, air tight and are equipped with a makeup air system. Lighting is LED or CFL. Appliances are Energy Star rated. HVAC is by Mitsubishi electric heat pumps. With a reasonable lifestyle, your family can live comfortably with little if any energy cost. These homes are certified by an independent third party rater.

Advantages of a NZEA home
  • 30% Federal tax Credit – $10 - $15,000 per home
  • Sale of SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) $25 - $35,000 over ten years
  • Reduced electric bills.
  • Protection from future energy price increases.
  • Comfortable year round living.
  • 25 year warranty on solar panels.
  • Higher resale value due to reduced or no energy costs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Green homes
Insulation standards
  • Under slab R14
  • Below grade (basement) walls R20
  • Above grade walls R44
  • Flat ceilings R70
  • Windows G-R5 triple glazed
  • Special liquid applied air & water barrier
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